On a sunny south side of Kopaonik, in a village Treska, discover the traditional charm of Villa Runolist…

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Unfortunate changes

We are sorry to say that this season, due to the pandemic situation, for yours and ours sake, we had to make some changes in our way of working.

  • transportation to the slopes won’t be available.
  • bar and common area will be opened only from 8–10h and 16–22h (with possible changes according to pandemic measures).

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flag of Monaco

Diplonot, Monaco


Villa Runolist was SOOO cozy. The hotelier and staff stayed up late to await our belated arrival (past midnight!), they certainly didn't have to. The room was cozy for our family of five, perfect for a ski weekend getaway.

flag of Italy

Claudio, Italy


Extremely friendly and helpful staff, cosy environment, we loved our stay.

flag of Serbia

Monika, Serbia


Incredibly friendly and very helpful staff! Helped me when the battery of the rental car died, and could help us with all questions we had in a very flexible and attentive way.

Summer at Villa Runolist

Want to cool down? Visit Kopaonik in the summer, and enjoy the mountains in Runolist, all under special summer prices.

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How to get here

Not everybody is into GPS and modern technology. Nevertheless, we wouldn't want you to get lost on your way here, now would we…

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